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With prior reservation, you have the opportunity to enjoy this service that allows you, adults, to have a good meal while the young ones have a great time!

How does it work?

Children have lunch with their parents. When they’re done, instructors come to pick up them and start the activities!

What do
the children do?

Firstly, they go to visit all the animals and feed them. They enter the goats’ area, go to see giant turtles, sheep, hens, deer, the birds’ area, and they also enter the toca-toca area with the bunnies. After doing the circuit, they organize games in the park area.

How does
the group work?

The instructor, who can work with a maximum of 12 children, always adapts the explanations and activities according to the age of the group.

How long does
the service last?

It usually lasts two hours, so that adults can eat without interruption.


How much is it?

The instructor is paid for hours and it costs 25 € per hour and group.