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You cannot imagine how beneficial the contact with nature and animals is for our children. For them, spending a day outdoors and surrounded by nature is an excellent medicine and a powerful learning tool: it improves health, attention span, motor and cognitive development, autonomy, security, acquisition of values…

In Can Sala you have the opportunity to offer your children a fantastic and very beneficial experience. You have the option to come and visit the farm, or also to stay for lunch and spend a full day.


From 10 am to 1’3pm

(entrance before 12 noon)

Throughout the morning you can visit and meet all our animals.
The youngest ones can ride a pony (accompanied by an adult) and enter the toca-toca, where you can play and pamper the smallest animals.

On the terrace, we offer you a bar service.

Prize: 8 € x pers.

  • 1 laps on pony and entrance on Toca-toca zones (rabits & goats). 

Children under the age of 2 who want to do the activities will have to pay the entrance fee


From 12 am to 6 pm

You can visit and meet all our animals.
The youngest ones can ride a pony (accompanied by an adult) and enter the toca-toca.
On the terrace, we offer you a bar service.
Restaurant service with prior reservation.

Do you want more information?

Menu prices (farm entrance not included + 8€)

  • Adults: 23’5 € (menu)
  • Children: 12 €
  • Junior: 16€

Learn about our animals

Farm animals


Watch the males. Do you see they have some great spurs on the legs? They are bone concretions that they have in the tarsus and are used to defend themselves.


Did you know the arches used in stringed instruments are often made from the hair of the horses’ mane?

Vietnamese pigs

If you think it can become a good pet… come to see how large and heavy these pigs can be! A house is not a good place for them!
Sheep – Do you know who Dolly the sheep was? Have you heard about cloning? Come and we will explain it to you!


Domesticated about 10,000 years ago, goat’s milk was the first one we drank and it is more digestible than the cow’s one!


Domesticadas hace unos 10.000 años, la leche de cabra fue la primera que consumimos ¡y es más digerible que la de la vaca!

Catalan donkey

Used as a draught animal thanks to its robust complexion, it was about to disappear due to the introduction of field machinery. It would have been a great loss!


They present great sexual dimorphism: the female has brown colour and the male is the most colourful!


Did you know that Hispania means “land of rabbits”? You can already imagine how many savages there were!

Exotic Animals


From Australia, they don’t build nests to raise their chicks: they do it in natural holes that they find in the trees!



Young specimens present grey-coloured iris, whereas the adults’ are yellow.


Florida Turtles

Males have longer nails and a larger tail. But the larger specimens are the females! Do you want to know the reason?

Wild Animals


VThey come from Australia and lay some strange eggs: they are green!



Come and we will explain to you the different theories that try to explain why zebras have stripes!


Come to meet one of the largest rodents in the world! Did you know that its quills are modified hairs?


Fallow Deer

Only males have horns: they fall when the mating season is over and they grow again to be ready for the next year!



Originate in Africa, it’s a runner’s bird. Did you know that they can reach 80 km/h?

Inside the farm we have a closed area where you can touch and pamper the most kind and soft animals, such as rabbits. And where the little goats live you can also enter, touch them and bottle-feed the youngest ones.